Top 10 Most Expensive Handbag Brands in the World


These handbags complete the whole of ladies that is why mostly ladies use matching bags with their dresses to look more beautiful. There are many brands in the globe which are making purses for the woman among which some of them are very expensive and luxurious, but some are very cheap as well which are affordable for everyone. Handbags are used by every woman in this world. These are considered as the essential elements of women lifestyle.

The handbags of all famous brands are very expensive among those some are also listed as the most expensive bags for Forbes list and Guinness world records.Some status conscious people prefer to carry to expensive bags to maintain their status and show off others as well. Women are always in search of latest bags, and their purse collection is never completed according to them. They always have the desire to get the latest designs of famous brands that are expensive.

These most expensive bag brands are continuously introducing latest designs of bags to attract bag lover in the world.
The following are top 10 most expensive handbag brands in the world:

10. Prada:


Prada is a famous brand of Italy that is involved in the making of different products for both men and women. This brand started to work in the field of fashion in 1913. It produces different products like cosmetics, bags, shoes, clothes, and jewelry as well. Their watches are also very famous among the people. The bags made by this brand are of perfect, pure leather.  Their bags are considered one of the best bags in the globe. The prices of their normal bags also range in thousands of dollars due to the famous name of the brand to which they belong.

9. Lana Marks:


Lana Marks is a very famous brand in the whole globe. It is famous for the leather products made by them which are available in different colors and styles and estimated to be in 150 different styles. Many famous celebrities like Kate Winslet, Angelina Jolie, etc. can be spotted in carrying their bags that made it more famous in the world. The most famous bag of this brand was Cleopatra clutch that was studded with almost 1500 precious diamonds and was sold in an auction of $100,000 which made a record of a most expensive bag in the globe.

8. Hilde Palladino:


Hilde Pallidino is a brand of Norway, which is known in the world for handbags. Their first bad was released in 2001. The most precious and expensive purse made by this brand was studded with 40 rare diamonds that made it the most expensive bag in the world. The feedback of received from the first bag made this brand successful in the world and has now opened their stores in many countries. Their bags are made in Italy due to cheap labor in those countries but are sold all over the world. The style of their bags is very different and latest.

7. Judith Leiber:


Judith Leiber is a handbag brand that is from Hungary. This brand started to work in the field of Handbag in 1963 and at that time their bags were only available on different boutiques. Then it became very famous in the world and women from different countries wanted to purchase their bags. Their mostly bags are studded with crystals and jewels. Their most expensive bag is in the shape of a rose and is studded with diamonds and gold and was sold for $90,000. That bag was also rated as the luxurious bag of 2008.

6. Marc Jacobs:


Marc Jacobs is a very famous brand of USA. The person who started this brand was the creative director of Louis Vuitton from 1997. This fashion house was started by the name of the person that is Marc, which is now known in the whole world. He was also named as the top 10 most influential personalities in the world. He is also named as the most powerful gay person in the world. His most famous bag is Carolyn Crocodile bag that was sold for $50,000. It’s one more bag that was a pink leather bag that was also for $2000.

5. Fendi:


Fendi is a very famous Italian fashion house that is famous for its luxurious products. Their bags are very famous and successful in the world. It was formed in 1925 and working successfully till now. It is a very famous brand of handbags that are made of expensive materials like crocodile skin, lambskin, etc. Its bag was sold for a high price tag of $28,000. One of their bags Selleria and was considered as the most sought bag in the world. The bags of this brand are best in design that completely grabs the attention of bag lovers in the world.

4. Chanel:


Chanel is very famous fashion house of France, which is famous in the whole world for its luxurious products. It was established in the world in 1909. Many famous celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Keira Knightley etc. have been spotted holding the bags of this brand. The most expensive bag ever made by this fashion luxury brand has embellishments of diamonds and gold that was sold for a very high price tag of $261,000. Their bags are used in the whole world.

3. Mouawad:


Mouawad is a brand that is involved in making of Jewelry and timepieces. It belongs to Geneva, and the headquarters of this brand is in Dubai. Later it also started to make handbags for ladies that are now famous in the whole world. The most expensive bag of this brand was 1001 nights’ diamonds that was studded with diamonds and gold and was sold for a very high price tag of $3.8 million. This bag was also listed as the Guinness World record as the most valuable bag of 2010.

2. Hermes:


Hermes is a very famous fashion brand of Paris. It is famous in the world for the high class and luxurious products. It is not only involved in making of bags but watches, shoes, etc. It started its business in 1837. The most expensive bag of this brand was Matte crocodile birkin bag that was sold for $20,000 and the crocodile version that was studded with the diamonds that was sold for $120,000.

1. Louis Vuitton: