In the Aftermath of Phoebe Philo’s Death, Replica Céline’s bag Resale Values Have Skyrocketed

When news broke last year of Phoebe Philo’s passing, supporters wondered what was next for Replica Céline’s bag and when Hedi Slimane debuted his first set for the brand, Céline fans had a lot to say. Outcries from Phoebe Philo devotees were heard around the fashion world, and also the hashtag #oldceline even began trending on social media. In the wake of the new Replica Fendi bag, Business of Fashion reports that resale value of Philo-era Céline bits have observed dramatic increases on popular second-hand luxury shopping websites such as Vestiaire Collective and The RealReal. Throughout Philo’s years at Replica Céline’s bag the brand consistently churned out hit after hit like It Bags like the ever-popular Luggage Tote and the Trapeze Bag.

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Overall, resale prices were said to have improved by 30%, with Philo’s classic bags being popular sellers. Besides this bump in earnings, BoF also reported a huge increase — 275% to be exact — in visits to Céline landing pages on Vestiaire Collective as fans of the brand try to snag that dream bag they never did get their hands on. Here on PurseBlog, Replica Céline’s bag was trending as the #1 search term, exceeding Louis Vuitton and Hermés. Though its uncertain whether or not prices will continue to grow, for all’old Céline’ lovers, it’s buy exactly what you need now, or regret it later as Philo-era bits become collectors items.

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