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Replica of Louis Vuitton Epi Pochette


On the website the photos showed a beautiful bag with flawless design and craftsmanship, a bag of very good quality. The price was also very convenient so I didn’t take too much time to think about this and I immediately placed an order for it. I recently bought a Louis Vuitton Epi Pochette from an online replica store called Top-knockoffhandbag.com. It just looked too good to be true…and so it was. The product I have received was so much different than the one presented on the webpage.

I have bought many replica bags online and until now I was quite pleased. I am usually very good at recognizing a good merchant when I see one. I am not at my first replica purchase. This very unpleasant purchasing experience was brand new for me.

The troubles started when I unpacked what was supposed to be a beautiful LV Epi Pochette. In reality, the product was a very low quality replica. I agree that the materials used were indeed quite good and authentic looking, but the craftsmanship and the attention to details was awful.The bag arrived in less than 7 business days and I had a tracking number for the package. Everything until the delivery went very smooth. Up to this point I was very happy with the services received.

The first thing I have noticed was a little crease of the leather in the lower part of the bag. That crease was quite visible and highly unaesthetic. You could notice it very easily and it made the bag look used and cheap. Additionally, the gold color was scratched and peeled off on the end part of the zipper. As soon as I saw these defects I felt deceived by the company. I paid for a new replica bag not for a deteriorated inferior quality imitation LV.

My first reaction was to contact the customer service by chat. They responded and I had a conversation with Betty who informed that I have 10 business days to return the item for a refund or exchange and that I must supply them with a tracking number. Also, all the return costs should be paid by me. I was furious to hear that after I have received a deteriorated bag I also had to support all the charges involved with rectified this situation, their mistake that is.  I tried to explain this, but the company did not accept to cover the return fees. In the end, I was forced to pay to ship it back and this implied quite a lot of money because I had to send the package via registered mail. After a month or more after returning the purse I finally got the money refunded back to my account.

So the conclusion here is to buy replica bags online, but to be extremely careful from what company you buy them and to make sure their return policy is acceptable for you. Check all this before you place the order and also search for recommendations and reviews online. Cover all these steps and you will surely not have to go through the hassle and additional expenses I had to went through.
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