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We’ve got some exciting news about Bottega Veneta. This fashion house is about to open the largest store in Manhattan. And to celebrate, they will be releasing an exclusive bag collection that will only be available in New York. We will be showcasing the entire line, but before that, we also want to talk about a unique handbag that we’ve discovered recently. It’s called the Micro Butterfly Tote Bag and you will absolutely love that.

The Butterfly Bottega Veneta Micro Butterfly Tote Bag


If you’re thinking about getting a tote bag at Bottega Veneta, well then, perhaps we can sit and talk about that. The Micro Butterfly Bag is the new modern bag of the house. It’s feminine, elegant and constructed to help you transport your necessities from A to B – without much effort. The feather-light weight of this spacious everyday bag is ideal to help you carry your essentials throughout the day.


But what I absolutely adore about this bag is the look. You know, we love the Intrecciato Nappa, which is known as one of the most iconic designs in the fashion world. But this cute baby tote is much more than that. The body appears to be crafted with little quilts, but it’s not. If you zoom-in, you will see its true color – it’s embossed with micro butterfly prints. OMG right?


The micro butterfly print is one of the house’s signature prints. But below the long handles, this Micro Butterfly Tote is finalized with two gorgeous butterflies. Now if that isn’t irresistible!

See more colors below. The bag measures 10.4′ x 13.4′ x 5.5′ (H x W x D) inches, priced at
$1350 USD, €1000 euro, £990 GBP.

The Bottega Veneta Bag Malaysia Replica Manhattan Collection


Well then, let’s talk about the upcoming exclusive line that will only be available in New York. Bottega Veneta will be redesigning some of the classics by embellishing new prints inspired by the city-that-never-sleeps – New York. Now, if you live in this city, you might want to catch some of these limited editions. Your wardrobe will be happy with them.


This handbag is adorned with one of the latest prints. It represents the huge skyscrapers of the city and it’s crafted with the ‘NEWYORK letters’.


Here’s another stunning but playful print. If you look closer, you will the symbols like BVNY (Bottega Veneta New York), a smiley, a butterfly (which is the house’s signature symbol) and other playful shapes.


And of course, the subway is the most important transport when you’re in a huge city. So where do you want to go? Carry the subway map on your shoulder.

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Vlad and I have had the pleasure of visiting the Bottega Veneta artisans at the office three times now — once in Italy, once at the NYC flagship, also in October at Bergdorf Goodman.The experience is something to behold and it helps showcase the craftsmanship that goes into producing a Bottega Veneta bag and proceeds to show me why I love my Bottega Veneta bags so much; not only are they beautiful to look at but also they are produced by hand, and that can not be said for many bags anymore. This bag is exclusive to Bergdorf Goodman along with also a limited edition. Price is $3,500 and you can purchase each version here: pink, pink, yellow, black, blue, red, and gray. Bottega Veneta is a Italian manufacturer specializing in handmade leather goods. Michele Taddei based Bottega Veneta in 1966 with the goal of highlighting the traditions of Italian leather craftsmen.Soon following the brand was established, the Bottega Veneta artisans developed a leather weaving technique known as “intrecciato” which has been a signature of this brand ever since. The business has always sought to highlight materials and construction over monograms and logos; Bottega Veneta’s famous slogan is “in which your own initials are sufficient.” Bottega Veneta has designed a plethora of well-loved bag layouts such as the Knot Clutch, the Cabat Tote, and the Veneta Hobo bag all of which have become brand staples.














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