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The Yves Saint Laurent Studded Suede Roady reminds me that cold weather is coming Replica Online Shopping

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m craving winter so badly. Yesterday I wore jeggings (don’t judge me) to the mall in silent protest of the 95-degree temperatures we’ve been having since…May. It’s been a long summer.

I live in Atlanta, so I have about six more weeks of genuinely warm weather before I even get to think about breaking out any kind of long-sleeve options for daytime wear (and even then, that’s only if I’m lucky), but the sight of the Yves Saint Laurent Studded Suede Roady has me wanting winter even more.

Something about the combination of rich suede and the way that the studding is organized in a triangle pattern just screams “cold weather” to me. Perhaps it’s because the triangles are a bit reminiscent of the patterns on traditional sweaters, but whatever the reason, I imagine this bag being worn with a fluffy scarf and knit hat at all times. What I wouldn’t give to be in need of those items (and this bag, of course) right now…Buy through Saks for $2295.

The YSL emblem produced by buckles is indeed ultra-chic I am having difficulty getting this image from my own head and the dude carrying this bag (most likely photographed out of a fashion week show) knows a sporty cool fashion when he sees one. Now this tote is the envy our our readers as well as myself. I am so pleased to see such an edgy sleek design from YSL and pleased to know additional dimensionality can be given without putting chains under the leather to create an unsettling worm-like effect.yves saint laurent accessories is just one of those books that’s quite mysterious and mysterious in the get go. No vision, just minimal. Gold kind, faux bois patterning and obviously it is all put on a majorelle-esque colour of blue. The pages are edged with the exact same blue, so from the outside its enigmatic blue book that is only calling to be looked at.and looking inside, you are not likely to be disappointed.the book is split into segments, marked by a spread of color and a descriptor such as ‘gold and corn’ as noticed previously. In each section is different accessories like hats, bags, brooches, rings and much more, corresponding to those themes.There are lots of well known yves st laurent couture bits (surely everybody knows the mondrian apparel) but equally as important are the accessories. You wont find much nominal in here. It’s all about the lavish, the sumptuous, the unique. Some outfits are adorned with jewellery and accessories, and a few are simpler, but they all stand out that little extra because of these bits.

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