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A classic tote to own, this Saint Laurent College Bag is not a brand new tote. Laying eyes on it may feel to be an old love rekindling that spark in your heart because there’s something great about it that has transformed over the span of years. If you look closer, you will immediately see that the College Bag is currently sporting a new ‘Stitched Diamond Matelasse Quilting’ meaning that the quilting is done by a meticulous way of stitching.Aside from this, it features a top handle with metal chain and leather removable shoulder strap so you can easily transition it from being a handbag into a shoulder bag. Additionally, it has an interlocking YSL signature buckle magnetic terminal put in the middle for an added sense of security.Compartment wise, it’s an exterior back slot pocket, an inside central zip compartment, and 1 slot pocket to hold your essentials.But overall, be ready, since it is a matter of time Saint Laurent will exude this new Quilting in other Classic Bags.Many readers have emailed me to inquire about this YSL tote. Although it’s extremely easy to immediately see that this is a Yves Saint Laurent Bags On Sale bag, I had difficulty finding more information on this bag. Much like the season it is from, are there more being generated, and why it is so utterly-absolutely-fabulous?!

After our launch of TalkShoes, my love of looking at shoes is finally transferring to a love of wanting to wear these shoes. You see, I was always a bag girl, not a shoe girl. But now I am starting to grow my shoe collection and I am constantly drawn to over-the-top artistic shoes. Amanda covered the much talked about YSL Mohawk Pumps on TalkShoes already and from the fall collection there is a bag that compliments these pumps ideally.

The simplicity of the Yves Saint Laurent Chyc Large Patent Flap Shoulder Bag reminds me of the Celine Classic Box Bag, which you already know I love. Paired with the funky YSL Mohawk pumps, I think we have the perfect pair.

The two these bags are quite similar and both include a detachable pouch inside that may be utilized as a clutch. I couldn’t decide between the two and spent several hours viewing YouTube testimonials and studying forums to try to help me come to a decision.After doing a shed load of research, I eventually decided the YSL bag was the one for me. What sold it for me was the broader handles. I’m the type of woman who carries everything but the kitchen sink around with me, therefore my tote needed to be more comfortable to take when packed to the brim. I really do plan on incorporating a Neverfull to my collection in the future however, I think that they’re gorgeous!The YSL shopper handbag is made of super soft leather and is a no-frills handbag. It is literally a significant hole with no inside pockets and no zipper.It is not a structured tote so bare that in mind before buying. Some totes have a thicker, more sturdy shape but this tote is much more slouchy. I find if it is empty it flops over. I have to say however, personally I am not a fan of structured bags so this was a big incentive for me. If you don’t like that kind of bag, however, I recommend considering something like the Michael Kors Jet Set or a bag style which has a top zipper. I find that the zippered tote bags are a much more rigid shape.The hardware is a beautiful shiny gold and although this bag doesn’t feature a high zipper, it will have a magnetic fastener so you can secure it while you are out and about.
I have always had an affinity towards the YSL logo for its typographic beauty (I’m a self-taught picture designer). After being in Marrakech, a place where Yves Saint Laurent invested a great deal of time, I was even more motivated to own my first Saint Laurent bag. After seeing the Majorelle Houses in Marrakech, and falling even more in love with Yves Saint Laurent, we arrived in the local La Mamounia Hotel–lo and behold, there’s a fucking Saint Laurent shop!! “It is intended to be,” I thought. And therefore, she is MINE!The Saint Laurent WOC has a quilted leather chevron style plus a large silver ‘YSL’ emblem in the centre with a string and leather that may be worn throughout the chest, over the shoulder, or removed to carry it as a clutch. I’ve tried to take colorful bags before; I’ve tried grey and brown bags to “try something different”… but nothing seemed to stickI’d drop out of love after the first time that I carried it. However, this little pink tote is an exception. Since muscle weakness is one of many symptoms I fight with due to my Fibromyalgia, I have grown to appreciate carrying little crossbody bags that only carry my bare essentials, that is exactly what this bag does.

The YSL emblem produced by buckles is indeed ultra-chic I am having a hard time getting this picture from my own head and the dude carrying this bag (most likely photographed out of some fashion week series) knows a sporty trendy fashion when he sees one. Now this bag is the envy our readers as well as myself. I am so happy to see this kind of edgy glossy design from YSL and pleased to know extra dimensionality could be given without putting chains beneath the leather to make an unsettling worm-like effect.yves saint laurent accessories is just one of those novels that is quite mysterious and charming in the get go. No imagery, just minimal. Gold type, faux bois patterning and obviously it’s all set on a majorelle-esque colour of blue. The pages are even edged with the same blue, so in the outside its enigmatic blue book that’s just calling to be looked at.and looking inside, you are not likely to be disappointed.the publication is split into segments, marked by a spread of colour and a descriptor such as ‘corn and gold’ as noticed previously. In every section is various accessories such as hats, bags, brooches, rings and much more, corresponding to these themes.There are a lot of well known yves st laurent couture pieces (surely everybody knows the mondrian apparel) but equally as significant are the accessories. You wont find much nominal in here. It is all about the lavish, the sumptuous, the unique. Some outfits have been adorned with jewelry and extras, and a few are more simple, but they all stand out that bit extra due to these pieces.
Another thing I love about the Saint Laurent bag is the duration of the series strap is very petite-friendly! See how it contrasts with the Chanel WOC, for that I constantly have to tuck an excess period of the strap inside the flap of the purse. The Saint Laurent strap drop length measures approximately 19 inches.I hope you guys found this review helpful! Allow me to know if you have some queries. By the way, Instagram friends know that I really purchased a different bag first — the tassel bag in moderate:Be still my heart, I find this to be an absolutely gorgeous and traditional handbag, down to the blank layout and classic YSL-inspired tassel. I had been searching everywhere for this and ended up having it shipped from a Saint Laurent store in PA. (Big FYI, their brick & mortar store policies are completely different than their online ones. They charge for shipping, and that I was amazed to see my receipt that there are no refunds — only store credit for returns within 10 days). But upon careful review I discovered the bag came with scratches about the calfskin. I felt that with my klutzy habits, this inadequate bag would be wholly stained and scratched up in no time. I managed to return it regardless of the stringent store policy, due to it coming damaged. It all worked out for the better, however I just wanted to share about the tassel bag for all those interested!Quite a few people have seen and been commenting on this Saint Laurent bag that has popped up at a great deal of blogposts over the last month. It is the most recent addition to my bag set and I literally cannot get enough of it!

My only very little gripe is sometimes the magnetic terminal is somewhat fiddly and you need to get it perfectly aligned for it to snap closed.Compared to most high-end artists Saint Laurent is that the fairly reasonably priced. Though this bag retails for #1250, they do quite a few of bags beneath the #1000 mark which is unheard of for most of the big designer brands. Though this bag may seem like a massive amount of money if you compare it to the Mini Chanel Classic Flap which is over a #1000 more and very similar in size and shape (watch it HERE), it’s well priced.The Monogramme Kate is a timeless style, which means you’ll have the ability to wear it again and again without worrying about it going out of style. Plus I think that the prices go up each year so it’s ideal to make the purchase once you can.On a different note, how cute is this top? Lately, I have found a few amazing new brands around ASOS and this shirt is from one of them. It is called Bec & Bridge. It’s on the other hand but the quality is actually good, far better than ASOS’s own label stuff. And I think using a statement piece like this, it’s well worth spending a little bit longer so you can wear it year after season without it seeming worse for wear.I think this will probably be fab for those upcoming Christmas events.

The classic ladylike design of the bag is ideal for a go-to handbag in your collection. From day wear to evening wear, this bag would get plenty of use. Furthermore, as much as I adore the Celine Classic Box Bag, the price is much higher than this YSL option. With a subdued bag, you can easily vamp up your outfit with your shoes. This, dear readers, is precisely why I love accessories: because you can accessorize!

Buy Yves Saint Laurent Mohawk Pump via NAP for $935 and the Yves Saint Laurent Chyc Large Patent Flap Shoulder Bag via Saks for $1,875.

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