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Yves Saint Laurent: One bag, six colors Replica Bags Buy Online

Yves Saint Laurent Lucky Chyc Colorblock Tote, $1350 via Net-a-Porter

By now, we all know what spring’s big trend are: Colorblocking, mixed brights, pink and orange, brights contrasted with neutrals. We’ve all been saying this since the collections made their fashion week debuts six months ago, and those looks have made their way to retail with a vengeance. And in the case of the Yves Saint Laurent Lucky Chyc Colorblock Tote, they’ve all showed up in one design.

I really want to like this bag, but I just can’t find it within me. I like the idea – the mixture of brights and neutrals, the bold swaths of color, the functional structure are things that I’ve been digging lately in almost all iterations, but this one just isn’t quite right. The yellow is too mustard-y and not bright enough, the mismatched neutral gussets compete with the rest of the design and should have been left the same color for the sake of symmetry and an ivory handle will show wear almost immediately with any sort of regular use.

I have received plenty of questions regarding my brand new Saint Laurent Monogram wallet on a string, and everybody knows I love handbags, so I thought this was a good time for my first bag inspection! I thought it was an error at first… but I quickly got my credit card and BAM, it had been mine!Before I dip into a bag review, I’d love to give you a fast back story on my hunt for The fantastic Wallet-on-Chain Bag. My first handbag purchase after I got my very first real job out of college was a Marc Jacobs Mini Single Wallet-On-Chain Bag. I like it, but I rarely carry it now. I began looking something a bit nicer for if we go out to nice dinners or when I wish to create my all-black-everything leggings-and-Northface seem a little nicer. I know that sounds absurd to think about something like a handbag, but to me, a handbag can specify not only your outfit, but your confidence too. I saved for weeks to maintain a comfortable place to be able to purchase a Chanel bag in Paris, where Coco Chanel started her worldwide empire. I dragged my sister to about 6 Chanel boutiques, and that I tried on about 15 Chanel bags.

Being on-trend doesn’t automatically make a design good, and unfortunately, this bag illustrates that perfectly. YSL came close to having a winner on its hands, and I still appreciate the functional structure (particularly the roomy and well-disguised front pocket), but the rest of the bag needs some tweaks to get it on the right track. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1350.

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