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Yves Saint Laurent makes a bag for CSI fanatics Handbag Replica Wholesale Center

Vlad got me into the hit television show CSI. We watch the Vegas version, NYC version, and at some times attempt to take in the Miami version (just for Horatio’s slow sunglasses removal technique). No matter how outrageous the CSI lab techniques seem, I am always intrigued. And one of the most integral parts of solving a crime is finding finger prints.

Sooyoung here gets the Cabas Chyc Bag in the medium size. The leather has a pebble-like finish that is actually stylish and vintage. The complex “Y” for Yves tab shown in the front is a magnetic closure. The tote has a structured body in a feeling that it is not quite as flimsy as also it may still hold its own shape. Although its own leather is quite soft, the sturdy foundation bring about the re-shaping of the bag and it prevents the bag from having lumps on the base of bag from items that are heavy such as a laptop or a tablet computer. The drop of the handles is 5 1/2″ which can be worn across the shoulders or at the crook of the elbow. Hence the placement of the opening of this bag is to your own preference and it opens till ends of this bag which can be detached so that you can lift it to close the zipper easier.What comes with purchasing the bag is really a swatch of the leather that they used, (this can be useful if you’re going to fix the bag) and directions about the best way best to care for the tote. I believe it’s important to read the care instructions that comes with the bag since there are certain surfaces that the calfskin leather is not compatible with this can ruin the exterior of the bag. Really I know some places around my nation, the Philippines, that is similar to a cleaning service especially for handbags that gives it a unique coating and glow so that if you scratch the bag or someone accidentally moves a ball pencil across it, it only touches the coat and not the true surface of the tote.

I wonder if the folks at Yves Saint Laurent are CSI fanatics as well? The Yves Saint Laurent Fingerprint Flap Bag is a clever and fun take on science and handbags.

My only very small gripe is occasionally the magnetic terminal is somewhat fiddly and you need to get it perfectly aligned for this to snap closed.Compared to most high-end artists Saint Laurent is that the fairly reasonably priced. Although this bag retails for #1250, they do quite a few of bags beneath the #1000 mark that’s unheard of for most of the big designer brands. Though this bag might seem to be a massive sum of money if you compare it to the Mini Chanel Classic Flap which is more than a #1000 more and very similar in size and shape (see it HERE), it is well priced.The Monogramme Kate is a classic fashion, which means you will have the ability to wear it again and again without worrying about it going out of style. Plus I feel the costs go up every year so it’s best to make the purchase as soon as you can.On a different note, how adorable is this top? Recently, I have found a couple of amazing new brands on ASOS and this top is from among them. It’s named Bec & Bridge. It’s on the pricier side but the quality is really good, far better than ASOS’s own label materials. And I think with a statement bit like this, it’s well worth spending a little bit more so you may wear it season after season without it looking worse for wear.I think this will be fab for those upcoming Christmas occasions. If you’re like me and have fallen head over heels in love with this shirt, buy it shortly since the last time I checked there were only limited sizes left (you may find it HERE).Don’t forget you can also keep up with me on Instagram @thatnewdress, Twitter @thatnewdress, Bloglovin That New Dress and Snapchat thatnewdress.

The body of the bag is canvas with large black finger prints all over. Feel like this idea is out of place? It is not. In fact, Stefano Pilati sent a dress in this very same print down the Paris runway as well. The shoulder strap is adjustable and the hardware is golden.

At first I planned to just cover this bag as a novelty item, but it is growing on me. There is something fun and playful about the design yet it is still wearable. Pre-order via Neiman Marcus for $1,650.

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