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Yves Saint Laurent Linen Roady Wholesale Replica

The biggest release from YSL in the past few years was the Roady, which launched last September. The Roady is an utterly simple design that brings in an added touch which bumps up the aesthetic. I know many of you did not like just how simple the original Roady was, so this post will bring you nothing more than the first. But if you loved the Roady and you love having a spring bag in your collection, the Yves Saint Laurent Linen Roady may be for you.

If you clicked on the more tag and are reading this entire post and you like this bag, you might be disappointed. It is just not cutting it for me. Keep in mind I like the leather version, quite a lot actually! The linen Roady is just not cutting it. The body is made of a coated linen, which has both a positive and negative. On the plus side, coating the linen will make it much easier to keep this bag clean. On the downside, I really dislike coated linen (just a personal thing).

The rest of the bag is just like the other versions that followed before it. The single shoulder strap with hook hardware is the signature piece for this YSL bag. The drop is 12″, which is ample when it comes to flinging this bag over you shoulder. There is a snap closure, which makes getting in and out of the bag easy. And YSL finishes off the inside with suede lining and two open pockets.

Why I love this bag: If you like to have a spring bag in the mix, the natural (beige) version which is offset with brown piping and a brown handle has a very spring look to it. Linen is synonymous with the warm seasons and I can see this bag looking gorgeous with white jeans and a flowing top. There is also a red version, again would look great against spring and summer whites. Buy through Saks for $1,295.

My only very small gripe is occasionally the magnetic terminal is a bit fiddly and you need to get it absolutely aligned for it to snap closed.Compared to the majority of high-end artists Saint Laurent is that the fairly reasonably priced. Although this bag retails for #1250, they do quite a few of bags beneath the1000 mark that’s unheard of for most of the significant designer brands. Although this bag might seem to be a huge sum of money if you compare it to the Mini Chanel Classic Flap that’s more than a #1000 more and very similar in size and shape (see it HERE), it is nicely priced.The Monogramme Kate is a classic style, so you’ll be able to wear it again and again without worrying about it going out of style. Plus I think the costs go up every year so that it’s best to make the purchase once you can.On another note, how cute is this shirt? Recently, I’ve found a few amazing new brands on ASOS and this shirt is from one of them. It’s named Bec & Bridge. It is on the other hand but the quality is really good, much better than ASOS’s own tag materials. Plus I always think using a statement piece like this, it’s well worth spending a bit longer so you can wear it season after season without it seeming worse for wear.I believe this will be fab for those upcoming Christmas occasions. If you’re like me and have fallen head over heels in love with this top, purchase it soon because the last time I checked there were only limited sizes left (you can find it HERE).Don’t forget you can also keep up with me on Instagram @thatnewdress, Twitter @thatnewdress, Bloglovin That New Dress and Snapchat thatnewdress.

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