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Yves Saint Laurent bowls me over with Vanity Bowler Italy Replica Bags

To paraphrase a cheesy old pickup line, do you believe in love at first sight, or does the Yves Saint Laurent Vanity Bowler need to walk by again?

I have received plenty of questions regarding my new Saint Laurent Monogram wallet on a chain, and everyone knows I love purses, so I thought this was a fantastic time for my very first bag review! I thought it was a mistake at first… but I quickly got my credit card and BAM, it had been mine!Before I dip into a purse inspection, I’d love to provide you a fast back story on my hunt for The Perfect Wallet-on-Chain Bag. My first handbag purchase after I got my first real job out of college was a Marc Jacobs Mini Single Wallet-On-Chain bag. I like it, but I rarely carry it today. I started looking something a bit nicer for if we go out to nice dinners or when I wish to create my all-black-everything leggings-and-Northface seem a bit nicer. I know that sounds absurd to think about something such as a handbag, but to me, a handbag can define not just your ensemble, but your confidence as well. I saved for weeks to be in a comfortable place to be able to buy a Chanel bag in Paris, where Coco Chanel began her worldwide empire. None of these were correct, so I gave up.

For me, the bag had to walk by a second time, but after a that I had no more doubts. The shape is unexpected, the color is a touch lighter than the military trend generally dictates and the bag looks just different enough to make it stand out without all of that needy attention-seeking that tends to come from accessory designers with less finesse than the fine folks at Yves Saint Laurent.

New Minimalism can be tough for women who actually need a functional everyday bag because it generally dictates smaller proportions and fewer pockets, but this bag demonstrates that stylish women don’t have to make such sacrifices if they don’t want to. The design has clean lines and minimal unnecessary adornment beyond the normal YSL clochette, but it also attaches some gusset pockets to do the unglamourous task of organizing your keys and cell phone. If you want to participate in several of fall’s trends without looking like a fashion victim, this bag is among your very best options. Buy through Bergdorf Goodman for $1795.

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