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Try Yves Saint Laurent for a chic little shoulder bag Replica Online Shopping

Like pretty much anyone who’s gotten the chance to fondle one in person, I’m seriously craving a Celine Classic Box Bag. Not only is the design perfectly edited on the outside, but it’s lined in the most deliciously soft and luxurious leather you can imagine, which makes it even more of a delight for the person that owns it than you would expect. The only problem, of course, is that those bags cost nearly four grand. Even I am not that numb to handbag pricing.

Naturally, I’ve found myself seeking lower-priced alternatives, and the Yves Saint Laurent Chyc Shoulder Bag is one of the better contenders that I’ve found thus far. Sure, it’s missing some of the exquisite touches that I love about the Celine bag, but it also costs several thousand dollars less.

A lot of YSL series bags I see have been in a soft calfskin leather but I decided to opt for something a little more glamorous which was the coated leather. I adore the coated leather since I find it more challenging to scrape or dent compared to smooth calfskin, and most of us know that on a night out having to worry about keeping your bag pristine is not ideal. I went for black — perhaps not surprising to any reader who understand my favorite colour palette a.k.a neutrals. Overall I am really happy with the bag and love the contrast between the gold and black hardware. I’ve posted many pictures of the tote to follow which you can take a glimpse at, and let me know what you think in the comments!The latest addition to my handbag collection is the gorgeous YSL shopper bag in black. I bought this beauty for my birthday last June and I’ve used it pretty much daily since. It’s chic, spacious and comfy — what a great tote should be. Having used it for quite some time now, I figured it’s time to perform a review. Therefore, if you are considering treating yourself to one of these or you’re on the fence around it read on.The YSL Shopper bag was featured in my last article, the ideal Designer for Summer 2017 together with the Louis Vuitton Neverfull along with the Mulberry Tessie. I have mine but they come in many distinct colours and currently retail at #645.

This bag lacks the leather lining and multiple interior compartments that make the Celine bag so much fun to investigate for the first time, but it has a similarly classic shape and feel to it that gets the aesthetic job done. I love the combination of ivory leather with the weathered gold hardware, and because of the simple lines, this is a bag that could do double duty in the office and out. I have to say, though, that I’m not particularly enthusiastic about the price of this bag either. Buy through Matches for $1785.

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