The difference between the two bags of REPLICA CELINE CHLOÉ

Strikingly similar however radically different…how the”C” bags compare to each other While I really like a series, I become guilty of forming a personal attachment to the new creative manager and aesthetic. I realize how resistant I am to shift when a new creative manager takes control (anybody else?) . Don’t get me wrong, I certainly believe change is a good and necessary thing, and occasionally I welcome it with arms wide open, but it might take me some time to warm up once I’ve loved a prior imaginative director’s vision. What could I say? I’m working with it.

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When Natacha Ramsay-Levi has been appointed the new creative director at Chloé a couple of decades back, she took her time and waited a couple of seasons before putting her personal stamp on the brand. I was grateful for her slower speed, particularly since I am still not ready to hang up my Faye bag out of the times of Clare Waight Keller only yet. So when Ramsay-Levi dropped the Chloé C bag, I had been ready and awaiting this fresh design from Chloé. Right on trend with a massive C logo featured front and center, I was immediately smitten with all the Replica Chloé C bag (and developed a critical designer conquer on Ramsay-Levi as a result). She has skillfully mastered the craft of straddling the point of creating her markers and mark the brand radically –a nice balance to strike for a new creative director.

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Hedi Slimane chose an entirely different approach than Ramsay-Levi when he was appointed creative director at Céline, changing the aesthetic of their beloved brand nearly instantaneously. Breaking hearts and shocking Replica Céline handbags lovers globally, Slimane’s reception was chilly at greatest among fashion lovers and over the PurseBlog community. While I certainly miss Slimane’s predecessor, Phoebe Philo, I have to admit that I am intrigued by some of Replica Céline’s newer luggage from this era. Dare I say it? I even enjoy some of them. The bag that catches my attention from the bunch has to be the Replica Céline Medium C Bag.

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I can only explain it as a freak coincidence that both Chloé and Replica Céline introduced C emblem bags with such striking similarities around precisely the same time, but it certainly drove me for a loop. I adored both bags in the onset, but was bothered by how similar they were. After taking a deeper look, I have understood that if they are similar in many ways, they are distinctly different from one another. For a little while I was forgetting which manufacturer had released which C bag, mixing them up (terrible, I know!) , but they’re so similar! After taking a keen interest from the logo trend, I’ve looked in the C bag from the brands ad nauseum, and I’m here to break down a couple of key differences between the two luggage.

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Chloé’s C tote comes in many different styles and sizes, providing shoppers with a massive selection of C bag designs to pick from. Chloé definitely knocks it out of the playground with fun hues–they have an entire rainbow of colours to select from. I seriously love all the choices provided in Replica Chloé’s C bag, and I am currently eyeing a miniature C bag in a jewel tone.
Céline’s C tote is made with a beautiful flap and metallic C closure, and comes in two sizes, medium and small. This Replica Fendi  handbag is adorned with refined gold hardware and a timeless chain shoulder strap. The small and medium sizes may each be worn around the shoulder or as a crossbody, based upon your personal taste! The C tote is offered in quilted leather, but for reasons I cannot put my finger on, I do not enjoy the expression of Replica Celine’s quilting. The C bag also comes in a variety of exotic skins.