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Name That Bag: Yves Saint Laurent Buckle Bag Handbag Replica Wholesale Center

A couple readers have emailed me to ask about this YSL bag. While it is very easy to immediately see that this is a Yves Saint Laurent bag, I had a hard time finding more information on this bag. Like the season it is from, are there more being produced, and why it is so utterly-absolutely-fabulous?!

The YSL logo produced by buckles is so ultra-chic I am having a hard time getting this image out of my own head. Clearly the dude carrying this bag (most likely photographed outside of some fashion week show) knows a sporty cool style when he sees one. Now this bag is the envy our our readers and myself. I am so happy to see such an edgy sleek design from YSL and happy to know additional dimensionality can be given without putting chains under the leather to create an unsettling worm-like effect.

Ok so I really don’t know who hasn’t seen photos of this YSL Cassandre Tassel Chain bag floating around on social websites by now, and totally fallen in love with the tote. Personally, I have had this bag on my mind for about a year and a half but never really got around to taking the initiative to purchase it before the conclusion of this very summer that just slipped from us. I LOVE the va-va-voom kind of this bag. I personally think the YSL Cassandre is a bag you take if you need to be noticed, not when you wish to combine in. I’ve observed a couple people take the bag in person and it only has this magnetic pull (for me) which usually leaves me wanting the bag that second at any cost. I had a miniature haul from Designer Discreet this summer I got around to correctly reviewing for you all, but I eventually found some spare time to put it up!This Yves Saint Laurent Clutch Belle De Jour bag is a great replica — I mean I really could go on talking about it but I truly feel like for both the YSL and Chloe tote the photos speak best for themselves. Both bags are essentially perfectly crafted and as a seasoned replica shopper (I suppose I could call myself that … I’ve been doing this for more than 7 years :-P) I really am finding it hard to find any flaws together. Naturally there’s things like date codes, however I’m not trying to resell the bags as originals (which is completely unethical in my view) so that I could really care less.

So take a look at the Yves Saint Laurent Buckle Bag and not only tell us what you think but also tell us if you know any additional info.

The liner is smooth but also be aware there’s no additional liner. The inside is actually the untreated side of the leather.Considering I’ve used this bag constantly since June this past year, it’s still in pristine condition. I’ve taken it to the workplace, coffee shops, bars, restaurants and it has been thrown into the back of my car on many an occasion. I’m not one to baby my handbags but let me tell you, you would never know from looking at this bag now.There’s no marks at all, the leather is rough and has withstood my carelessness. The inside does not have any marks which is surprising since I’ve carried water, food, make up, clothes and shoes within this thing.Is it worth the price tag? In my opinion, yes. Yves Saint Laurent Bags Imitation is famous for high quality and boy do you get it. This tote is classic and will be with me for a lifetime.If you are thinking of getting this bag, do it. You will not be sorry! If you have this bag please share your perspectives and pics!It appears that designer brands are competing with each other with the quilting-trend. But that is a not a surprise, quilting appears elegant, elegant and expensive, which matches perfectly in the class of high fashion.

[image via Jak & Jill blog]

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