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Let’s revisit the Yves Saint Laurent Roady Expensive Replica

Sooyoung here gets the Cabas Chyc Bag at the medium size. The leather has a pebble-like finish that’s actually stylish and classic. The sophisticated “Y” for Yves tab shown in the front is a magnetic closure. The bag has a structured body in a feeling that it’s not as flimsy as also it can still hold its shape. Although its own leather is very soft, the rugged base contribute to the re-shaping of the tote and it prevents the bag from getting lumps on the bottom of bag from items that are heavy like a laptop or a tablet. The fall of the handles is 5 1/2″ which can be worn over the shoulders or at the crook of your elbow. The inside of the bag has a zipper and a little cellphone pocket. Over the zipper is the tag “Yves Saint Laurent” in the new one it is labeled “Saint Laurent Paris”.To open the bag you lift the tab and it shows you 2 zippers that open in opposite directions, which is super convenient to people who like the horn on one side of this tote. Hence the placement of the opening of the bag is to your own taste and it opens until ends of the bag which may be detached so you can lift it to shut the zipper easier.What comes with buying the bag is really a swatch of this leather that they used, (this can be useful if you are going to fix the tote) and instructions on the best way to care for the bag. I think it’s crucial to read the care instructions that comes with the bag since there are particular surfaces that the calfskin leather isn’t compatible with that can ruin the exterior of the bag. Really I know some areas around my nation, the Philippines, that is similar to a cleaning service specially for handbags which gives it a special coating and glow so that if you scratch the bag or somebody accidentally moves a ball pencil onto it, it merely touches the coat and not the true surface of the bag.

The Yves Saint Laurent Roady has had a place in the sun for well over a year now, which means that it’s only fair that we step back and reevaluate its popularity in the context of what’s going on in accessories at the moment. Is the Roady a bag that you still want to own?

It may be bigger than current trends dictate, and I don’t think we’ve seen a python version of the Roady so far (although Fall 2011 promises python versions of every bag ever made, so the odds are good), but I’m still a big fan of the Roady and its minimalist, functional shape. I would make but two improvements: A lighter interior lining to make it not such a black hole and a small exterior pocket for my cell phone. On the side that would face my body, of course.

Mostly, I continue to be impressed by what excellent canvases bags like this make for beautiful colors. I like this bag for the same reason that I’m so drawn to Balenciaga’s motorcycle bags – simple shapes and hardware let a saturated color take center stage, and I find myself utterly transfixed by this deep shade of almost-navy. So do you still want a Roady, or would you prefer this hue in a different design? Buy through Saks for $1495.

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