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Eight replica designer handbags on a budget For Women

And by expensive, we’re not talking $100 and below. We’re talking $300 and above. Most of us want to own a few high-quality replica designer handbags – or just one for that matter. But designer prices are normally just too expensive.Frustrated with the prices, we found a few pieces you can get if you’re on a budget like us. Here are 8 of our best findings:


1. This is one bag that will come in handy, whether for fancy outings or trips to the mall. With a gold strap and black quilted design, it goes well with almost anything. Let’s start with the most wallet-friendly option –a satchel by Love Moschino, a lower-budget brand by Italian fashion house Moschino.And it’s priced at just $199 on replica handbags uk store.


2.One of our favourite pieces from Kors is the best-selling Large Hamilton Satchel on sale. It used to cost $457 but is now on sale at the website for $134. Michael Kors did a lot of ladies a favour when he started his budget-friendly brand MICHAEL by MICHAEL KORS.


3. Dolce and Gabbana is one of our favourite brands for two reasons. 1. Its designs are creative and unique and 2. When it has a sale, it drastically reduces its prices so you get great deals! This green leopard print Miss Sicily bag is normally over AED 600. While it’s not on sale, we discovered it on a UAE-based site called, which sells pre-owned designer bags in good condition. This tote is now $621.


4. We discovered another great website for pre-owned replica designer bags. It’s UAE-based and features top luxury brands. One catch on the site is this giant City Balenciaga tote in pink. Normally selling for over $136, it’s sold for $165 on the website.


5. We’re in love with this Jimmy Choo gold piece simply because of its sequin. Doesn’t it look magical? It’s a bit pricey considering its size is small, but it’s Jimmy Choo after all, so it’s worth the investment – the brand makes high quality merchandise that endures gracefully for years. You can get this at handbags outlet store for $164.


6. We’re going to go higher on the budget level because we found some great deals from the biggest brands, including this YSL Black Chyc Cabas now selling for $108. The website has a 6-month instalment plan for those who can’t pay the full price upfront.


7. French brand Celine started competing alongside the big names following the creation of two of its bags – the luggage bag and the Trapeze [pictured above]. Featured in Gray Python, this Trapeze at The Closet is now sold for $177. Normally, it’s priced for around $272. Keep in mind that it’s python as well, so it probably cost even more.


8. Lastly, a Chanel find that’s miraculously under $326 – the brand’s standard pricing for its classic black lambskin shoulder bag [pictured above.] This one is selling for $214 at our price.