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A product of this year’s collection is the Celine Clutch with Pocket in Printed Watersnake. You can select among its 2 color combinations: the Black and White Printed Watersnake or the Orange and White Printed Watersnake. This cute and pattern-infused clutch is made from waternake and lambskin lining and has the following dimensions: 10′ x 7′ inches, priced at €740 euro.

Celine’s Spring/Summer Runway 2016 collection features a myriad and a great variety of cute seasonal handbags. Incorporating different ideas and concepts into one collection and coming up with equally beautiful and winsome bags is something Celine is known for.



Always wanting to please the modern-day woman, Celine never fails to experiment and introduce interesting twists and surprises to its avid customers. Business wise and keeping up with the competitive bag rivalry, Celine is screaming with a loud voice by coming up with innovative, lovable and feminine designs that is sure to catch the attention of many. For the Summer 2016 collection, it is quite apparent that Celine leans toward a concept of new textures and colors, and the use of absolutely divine and genuine calf leather.


Celine Solo Check Clutch Pouch
Style code: A92734
Size: 10′ x 7′ inches
Price: €500 euro