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A stylish tote with maximum functionality? You got it! We give you the Bottega Veneta Handbags Price In Malaysia Replica Monaco Bag, a timeless and elegant piece that’s set to raise the bar in design! This Italian-crafted piece is an upgraded version of the Monaco bag, a sturdy structure that’s going to be the next best thing in arm candy architecture.

Meticulously crafted in luxurious Nappa leather, the bag offers a supple contour and intricate hand-woven Intrecciato accents which give it a chic, indigenous feel. With hand-painted piping and contrasting, you can tell that this piece is one of the best you’ll ever see.

It even has two external zip pockets under the flaps, which give you more room for organizing all your essentials. This is a perfect companion for day-to-night outfit transitions, given that it has a design that could match most of your wardrobe pieces. A sure winner in versatility!

Measuring 32cm x 20cm x 13.5cm (W x H x D), you can get your very own Monaco Bag for $4,250 USD or €3,200 EUR via Bottega Veneta online boutique.






Bottega Veneta is impressive in a lot of ways–materials, structure, longevity–but perhaps most impressive is the brand’s refusal to float along with the trends of the second. In Bottega, creative director Tomas Maier rather uses new signatures, woven intrecciato leather and beyond, to build a wardrobe of bags that real, grown women would be pleased to wear. Bottega Veneta’s Resort 2016 handbags are all for adults, just like the new bags always are.Bottega is, in some ways, the anti-Moschino; where that new appeals to the nostalgic adolescent in most of us, Bottega appeals to the way we imagine the best, most competent, most luxurious version of ourselves. That means the bags aren’t necessarily head-turners, but they’re all amazing upon inspection. That’s the way the Bottega woman enjoys it, though; at Tomas Maier’s planet, a little discretion goes a very long way.The understated elegance Tomas Maier produces for Bottega Veneta translates across all platforms, from his collections to his campaigns. The most recent movie showcasing The Art of Collaboration from the home was led by Tomas, together with famed Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki.There is such beauty in this campaign, which was shot at Tokyo, showing a glimpse into life at town along with a subtle seductiveness that Araki is known for. Araki is the most famous photographer in Japan and isn’t afraid to push boundaries within his work.The versions from the campaign are Saskia de Brauw and Sung Jin Park, that both are wearing and carrying pieces from Bottega Veneta Spring-Summer 2015. On this video and cooperation, Tomas shared with PurseBlog, “Araki’s images have a powerful honesty and individual poignancy which make them unforgettable. He has his own visual language”

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