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There are brands that pop in my head when “fun” comes into mind, but generally Bottega Veneta Handbags 2009 Replica isn’t among them. That’s no shade on Tomas Maier and his crew, naturally; rather, the company’s aesthetic has long been more cautious and contemplative, with wearable clothes and bags for quite fancy and profoundly sophisticated men and women. It’s hard to keep that elegance and also have some fun, but that is precisely what Bottega Veneta attempted with its Spring 2018 collection, and things worked out superbly. The brand comes with a Pre-Fall 2018 collection that Maier says will bridge the spring seems to what Bottega has contributed for fall.The set does seem very much related to that which came before it, particularly in the use of colour, patterns and embellishment. The totes are still unmistakably Bottega Veneta, naturally, with plenty of signature intrecciato leather and cautious incorporation of exotics. There aren’t any major bag shape debuts in this run; instead, it’s full of well-loved BV classics. Check out all the bags in the lookbook below.In September I discussed with a closer look at one of the exclusive Bottega Veneta bags created to celebrate the brand new Handbag Main Floor in Bergdorf Goodman. This tote was likely my favorite of the lot, as the bag itself showcases a three-dimensional effect to emphasize a map of Manhattan with the grip being Bergdorf Goodman.

Chanel has diamond quilting, Louis Vuitton has Monogram Flower, Dior has Cannage Stitching and Bottega Veneta Grey Handbag Replica is famous for Intrecciato Nappa. The Intrecciato Nappa has been with the house for a very long time and it has been perfected in details throughout the years. This design is now beyond perfect and the only way to reach the next level is to introduce new variations. It’s the same like Louis Vuitton playing with colors with their Monogram Flowers. Now introducing the Intrecciato Graffiato for the Fall 2017 Collection.

The Graffiato adds contemporary colors and textures to the house’s artisanal heritage (Intrecciato). They are embroidered into Bottega Veneta’s signature handbags like the medium tote.

This new design is eye-catching because the Intrecciato used to be just in single colors. With the Graffiato added, the look changes into a multicolor handbag, but the colors are balanced, soft and matching. The Graffiato embroideries look like stripes stitched all around the Intrecciato Nappa.

With or without this new embroidery, the Intrecciato still changes any bag it touches into a chic and ladylike accessory. The new multicolor embellishment only makes it more interesting and ideal to wear as an everyday bag.

So what do you think about this new look?

Celine Intrecciatto Graffiato Medium totes
Size: 10’ x 13.4’ x 3.1’ (H x W x D) inches
Prices: $3550 USD, 2800 euro, £ 2445 GBP




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